Located in Bishop's Falls, just off the highway in the centre of the island portion of the province, Brookdale Country Inn is the perfect site from which to explore the secrets of our island home.

Just minutes away, 15,000 year old icebergs from the north meet North America's largest concentration of Humpback whales migrating from the south.

Come and experience our dramatic costal shores where there are landscapes not found anywhere else in the world. Island complexes, sea statcks, eroded cliffs and spectacular beaches are all within your grasp.

A network of beautiful walking and hiking trails make for an incredible birdwatching experience.

Experience local culture and tradition by taking in some of the numerous festivals, concerts and theatres; visit our heritage centers and museums to learn of our rich history; photograph all types of wildlife (even an exact scale sculpture of a Giant Squid - the largest sculpture of its kind in the world!)

Visit us in winter and we'll take you on a snowmobile tour of the area so you can have a real winter-wonderland experience.

Bring a friend, bring the whole family. Let Brookdale Country Inn help make your trip to Newfoundland the adventure you've always wanted.

We're your all-season link to the adventure of a lifetime!